Organizational Chart

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The 2015 AJL annual conference will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, June 21-24.

Proceedings and podcasts of the 2014 conference will be online shortly.

  • Executive Board

  • Council

  • Non-Council

Board members are also members of the Council

  • President:
    Heidi Estrin

    • Parliamentarian:
      Joy Kingsolver (ex-officio member of the board)

    • Constitution and By-Laws Committee (chaired by parliamentarian)

    • ALA Liaison:
      Elliot H. Gertel

    • ATLA Liaison:
      Rachel Leket-Mor

    • Chapter Relations:
      Etta Gold

    • Chapter Representatives to Council:

    • Development:
      Jackie Ben-Efraim

    • International Meetings Committee:
      Rita Saccal

    • Librarianship and Education Committee:
      Yelena Luckert

  • Past President:
    James P. Rosenbloom

    • Houston Conference Committee:
      Judy Weidman

    • National Conference Committee:
      Toby Harris

  • Vice-President / President Elect:
    Yaffa Weisman

    • Hasafran:
      Yossi Galron

    • Mentoring Committee:
      Stephanie Gross

    • Public Relations:
      Danielle Winter

    • Webmaster:
      Nancy Sack

  • Vice-President for Membership:
    Sheryl Stahl

    • Life Membership & Fanny Goldstein Awards:
      Fred Isaac

  • Vice-President for Publications:
    Joyce Levine

    • AJL News and Reviews:
      Uri Kolodney

      • Reviews (literature for adults):
        Rebecca Jefferson & Daniel Scheide

      • Reviews (literature for children & teens):
        Anne Dublin & Rachel Kamin

    • Advertising:
      Jackie Ben-Efraim

    • Convention Proceedings:
      Jasmin Nof

    • Bibliography Bank:
      Francine Menken

    • Judaica Librarianship:
      Rachel Leket-Mor

  • Recording Secretary:
    Shoshanah Seidman

    • Archives:
      Joy Kingsolver

  • Corresponding Secretary:
    Elana Gensler

  • Treasurer:
    Deborah Stern

    • Finance Committee: treasurer, president, VP/PE

    • Assistant Treasurer for Conventions:
      Laurel Wolfson

    • AJL Scholarship Fund:
      Shuli Berger

    • Convention Stipends:
      Lenore Bell

  • RAS President:
    Daniel Scheide

    • Cataloging Committee:
      Heidi Lerner

  • RAS Vice-President:
    Sharon Benamou

    • Bibliography & Reference Awards Committee

  • RAS Secretary:
    Michelle Chesner

  • SSC President:
    Amalia Warshenbrot

    • Accreditation Committee:
      Leah Moskovits

  • SSC Vice-President:
    Lisa Silverman

    • Sydney Taylor Book Awards:
      Aimee Lurie

    • Sydney Taylor Manuscript Competition:
      Aileen Grossberg

  • SSC Secretary:
    Cherille Berman