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Proceedings of the 44th Annual Convention
of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Chicago, Illinois, July 5-8, 2009

Compiled by Leah Moskovits
© 2009 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Many of the papers presented at the convention are also available as podcasts.

Table of Contents


Title page

AJL President’s Report, 2009
    Susan Dubin

Monday, July 6
Session 1
Freedom of Speech:  Assimilating Slang, Jargon and Other Languages into Current Israeli Hebrew
    Yaffa Weisman
    Text and PowerPoint

Session 3
Teaching the Holocaust through Picture Books
    Lisa Silverman

The Dark Side of the Web:  Terror on the Internet
    Gabriel Weimann

Session 4
Freshman Seminar – Budgeting, Acquisitions and Collection Development
    Etta Gold. Creating Functional Policies
    Sherry Wasserman. Library Automation
    Fred Isaac. Collection Development Issues: An Overview

Cochin Jewish Women’s Folk Songs in India and Israel
     Barbara Johnson
     Text and PowerPoint

Tuesday, July 7
Session 5

LC Cataloging Update
    Lenore Bell, Joan Biella, Edie Creeger, Marina Korenberg, Aaron Taub and Galina Teverovsky
    PowerPoint (12 MB file)

Mahler, Copland, Bernstein and Rumshinsky?  Reflections on the Yiddish Theater and its Legacy
    Zachary Baker

Jewish Ethnomusicology
    Mark Kligman
    Text and Images

Session 6
Is “Open” Scholarship a Myth or Reality?  Overview and Fundamental Issues in Scholarly Communication
    Mariann Burright
    Text and PowerPoint

Session 7
A Gift to Biro-Bidjan, Chicago, 1937:  From Despair to New Hope
    Nathan Harpaz
    Text and Images

Session 8
Storytelling in Jewish Libraries:  Share the Meises
    Susan Stone

The Power of the Buzz:  Libraries and Word of Mouth Marketing
    Peggy Barber and Judy Hoffman

C.O.T.A.R. Collection of Torah Articles: The Evolution of a Database and its Uses
    Yaakov Aronson

Awards Banquet
Introduction:  Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award
    Aileen Grossberg, Chairperson

Acceptance Speech, Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award
    Nechama Liss-Levinson