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Proceedings of the 37th Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Denver, Colorado, June 23-26, 2002

Compiled by Joan Biella and Elana Gensler

© 2002 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Table of Contents

Cover (.pdf)

Title page and verso (.pdf)

2001 Sydney Taylor Awards

Sydney Taylor Book Award for Younger Readers: Rivka’s First Thanksgiving.
Presentation of award by Libby White; author acceptance speech by Elsa Okon Rael; illustrator acceptance speech by Maryann Kovalski (.pdf)

Sydney Taylor Book Award for Older Readers: Sigmund Freud: Pioneer of the Mind
Presentation of award by Libby White; acceptance speech by Catherine Reef (.pdf)

Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award: A Pickpocket’s Tale by Karen Schwabach.
Presentation of award by Rachel Glasser; acceptance speech by Karen Schwabach (.pdf)

Belling, Veronica. The Price They Paid: A Bibliographic Survey of the Memoirs of the Jews in the Struggle for Democracy and Human Rights in South Africa (.pdf)

Bringing Judaica Databases to Library Patrons: Issues and Approaches

Berger, Pearl. How Much Does A $150 CD-ROM Cost? (.pdf)

Ferdman, Glenn. Feinberg E-Collection at Asher Library of Spertus Institute (.ppt)
Biography and abstract (.pdf)

Wolfson, Laurel. Access and Use Issues for Judaic Databases (.pdf)

Claman, Henry N. Jewish Images In The Christian Church: Art As The Mirror Of The Jewish-Christian Conflict 200-1250 CE (.pdf)

Estrin, Heidi. Is the Rainbow Fish Jewish? Secular Picture Books that Reinforce Jewish Concepts and Values (.pdf)

Ferdman, Glenn. Library Newsletters The Easy Way (.ppt)
Biography and abstract (.pdf)

Freedman, Dr. Maurice J. “There’s No Way They’ll Want To Pay Us Better—Raising Perceptions Of The Value Of Libraries And The People Who Work In Them, And Other ALA Issues Affecting Everyone” (.pdf)

Freiband, Susan. Techniques for Evaluating the Small Library Print Collection (.pdf)

Freshman Seminar

Part I: Introduction and Basic Vocabulary in Librarianship—Rachel Erlich Kamin (.pdf)

Part III: Collection Development—Linda Silver (.pdf), Merrily Hart (.pdf) and Etta Gold (.pdf)

Part IV: Making It All Work: Library Administration UnlimitedFred Isaac (.pdf), Bracha Weisbarth (.pdf), and Rita Frischer (.pdf)

Historical Fiction for Young People: An Author and a Librarian Talk About the Process and the Product—
Linda Silver (.pdf)

Jewish Children’s Literature: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Jones, Karen. Book & Document Preservation Brochure (.pdf)

Kamin, Rachel Erlich. Putting On A Book Fair (.pdf)

Levy, David. The Making of the Encyclopedia Judaica and the Jewish Encyclopedia (.pdf)

Library of Congress Cataloging Update—Joan Biella and Lenore Bell (.ppt)
(Note: this is a 2.3 MB file and may take about 10 minutes to download with a dial-up connection)
Biography and abstract (.pdf)

Literature in the Classroom: 25 Quick and Easy Lessons for Pre-K Through Grade 3—Lisa Handelman Silverman (.pdf)

Metadata, Digitization and the Cairo Geniza: Issues in User Access and Retrieval—Seth Jerchower and Heidi G. Lerner (.pdf)

Montgomery, Bruce P. Soviet Jewry Archives in the Collection of the University of Colorado (.pdf)

Opening Worlds of Words: Stories and Storytelling in Your Library—Peninnah Schram and Cherie Karo Schwartz

Pomrenze, Colonel S.J. The Restitution of Jewish Cultural Treasures After the Holocaust: The Offenbach Archival Depot's Role in the Fulfillment of U.S. International and Moral Obligations (A First-Hand Account) (.pdf)

Reisner, Rosalind. Beyond Faye Kellerman: Popular Jewish Fiction In Your Library (.pdf)

Rose, Emily. Making Connections: Materials Available in American and German Archives and Libraries (.pdf)

Sheynin, Dr. Hayim Y. Desperate Straits: Managing the Jewish Academic Library in Conditions of Financial Restraint (.pdf)

Weinberg, Bella Hass. Variant Record Structures in the Cataloging of Judaica Non-Book Materials: Implications for the Primacy of MARC (.pdf)

Zipkowitz, Fay. Yiddish On Demand: The Debut of the Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library (.pdf)

Zucker, David J. The “Fictional” American Rabbi (.pdf)