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Proceedings of the 39th Annual Convention
of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Brooklyn, New York, June 20-23, 2004

Compiled by Joan Biella and Elana Gensler

© 2004 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Table of Contents

Title page and verso (.pdf)

AJL Life Membership Award
Gilner, David. Presentation of Award (.pdf)

American Jewish Bibliographers
Wachtel, David. Alexander Marx (.pdf)

Building the Global Jewish Digital Library
Adler, Elhanan. Towards an Israeli National Digital Library (.pps)
(Note: this is a 2.3 MB file and may take about 10 minutes to download with a dial-up connection)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)
Pearlstein, Peggy K. From Published Book to Digital Resource: Revisiting American Women (.pdf)
(Note: this is a 1.5 MB file and may take more than 5 minutes to download with a dial-up connection)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)

Changing Landscape of Reference Work
Beck, Sheila and Sara Rofofsky Marcus. Reaching Out: Library Reference Services for Students at Home (.pdf)

Coming to America: A Living History (.pdf)

Electronic Journals
Berger, Pearl. Electronic Journals for Jewish Studies (.pdf)
Spiegel, Sara. E-Journals for Free (.pps)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)

Fiction Bonanza: New Adult Jewish Fiction 2003-2004 (.pdf)

Freshman Seminar: An Introduction to Judaica Librarianship
Part I: Wasserman, Sherry. Organizing Your Library (.pdf), Kamin, Rachel. Organizing, Classifying & Cataloging Your Library (.pdf)
Part II: Kamin, Rachel. Building, Developing & Growing Your Library (.pdf)

Implementing New Developments in Library Systems
Adler, Leah. Moving to a Unicode Based Library System: The Yeshiva University Library Experience (.pdf)

In Search of the Jewish Performing Arts
Belling, Veronica. From the Bowery to Brakpan: A Bibliographic Guide to Researching Yiddish Theater Worldwide (.pdf)

Issues in Library Administration
Ferdman, Glenn. The Ins and Outs of Performance Evaluations (pdf.)

Jewish American History for Young Readers
Finkelstein, Norman H. Writing Us In: Jewish American History for Young Readers (.pdf)
Koven, Julie. 350 Years of Jewish Settlement in America: Educational Resources
PowerPoint slide show (.pps) ; text of presentation (.pdf); bibliography (.pdf)

Jewish Children's Literature: What's Hot and What's Not? The Sydney Taylor Book Awards
Kamin, Rachel. Early Childhood List (.pdf)

Keeping Great Collections Great
Gilner, David. Collecting Rare Books in a "Five Law" Library (.pdf)

Keeping Track of Jewish Life
Elstein, Rochelle Berger. Not Set in Stone: Finding Information About American Synagogues (.pdf)

Lost and Found: Recovering and Discovering Medieval Texts
Easton, Roger L. Digital Restoration of Erased and Damaged Manuscripts (.pdf)

Meyer and Rosaline Feinstein Lecture
Gilner, David. Introduction (.pdf)

New Paths to Old Questions and Older Texts: Rabbinic Reference Panel
Stern, Debbie. Reconstructionist Movement Liturgy and Literature (.pdf)
Rabenstein, Bernard. Trends in Rabbinical Reference Source Materials – Their Changing Nature (.pdf)

Organizing Unique Collections: Implications for Historical Research
Harroch, Meira. The Ephemera Collection at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem (.pdf)
Koren, Dr. Tzvia. Indexing and Cataloging the Frankfurt a.M. Memorbuch (.pdf)

Quest for the Best: Setting Standards and Criteria for Jewish Children's Literature; the New Jewish Valuesfinder
Cheryl Banks, Linda R. Silver (both .pdf)

R & S Cataloging Panel
Biella, Joan. The Philosophy of Romanization
Adler, Elhanan. Implications of LC Guidelines for the Non-Sorting Control Character Technique for Hebraica Headings (.pps)
Abstract and biography (.pdf)

R & S One-Time Body-of-Work Award
Pearlstein, Peggy. Presentation of Award (.pdf)

Read Me A Story/Tell Me A Story: So What's The Difference? (.pdf)
Schram, Peninnah

Sacred Sources: Religious Publishing in the 21st Century
Aronson, Ya’akov. Mikraot Gedolot haKeter—Biblia Rabbinica: Behind the Scenes with the Project Team (.pdf)
Meyerowitz, Yisrael. Hasidic Primary Works in English Translation (.pdf)

Serving Our Diverse Community
Golin, Paul. Every Jewish Professional is an Outreach Worker: Resources for Engaging Intermarried and Unaffiliated Jews (.pdf)
Stahl, Sheryl F. Sorting the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Orientation and Identity: A Guide to LGBT Sources (.pdf)

Sydney Taylor Award for Older Readers
Patz, Nancy. Acceptance Speech (.pdf)

Sydney Taylor Award for Younger Readers
Davis, Aubrey. Acceptance Speech (.pdf)

Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award
Glasser, Rachel. Presentation of Award (.pdf)
Ferber, Brenda. Acceptance Speech (.pdf)