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Proceedings of the 41st Annual Convention
of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 18-21, 2006

Compiled by Joan Biella and Elana Gensler

© 2006 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

Publication of material in the AJL Proceedings does not constitute official endorsement by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

Table of Contents


Title page

Collection Development Methods
Luckert, Yelena. Collecting and Cataloging Gifts

Current Issues in Cataloging
Nof, Jasmin. On Cataloging Using OCLC (author's biography)

Freshman Seminar: An Introduction to Judaica Librarianship
Wasserman, Sherry

History and Fiction in Childrens'/Young Adults' Literature
Finkelstein, Norm. Two Authors, One Vision: Fact and Fiction in Children's Books
Greene, Jacqueline Dembar. Two Authors, One Vision: Fact and Fiction in Children's Books

Introduction to Cataloging and Classification for the SSC Librarian
Wasserman, Sherry

Presenting Accurate Historical Knowledge in the Classroom
Rapp, Andrea. The Agenda Promoting Islam and the Islamic View of Middle East History in Schools

Preserving Jewish Recordings
Schackman, Maxine and Nathan Tinanoff. Preserving an Endangered Musical Culture: The Birth of the Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University

Representing and Serving Our Diverse Jewish Population
Rosenzweig, Rosie. How to Answer Questions about Jews Attracted to non- Jewish Spirituality
Jacobs, Andrea. Queering the Library: The Importance of Including GLBT Resources in Jewish Libraries

Researching the History and Future of Jewish Women
Stern, Deborah. The Beckerman Kolot Collection on Gender and Judaism at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Library

Whitehair, David. Cataloging with OCLC

Sydney Taylor Awards
Littman, Sarah. Award Acceptance Speech
Silverman, Erica. Award Acceptance Speech