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Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Convention
of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Cleveland, Ohio, June 18-21, 2008
Compiled by Joan Biella
© 2008 by the Association of Jewish Libraries
ISSN: 1525-4496

All material in this publication subject to copyright by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) may be photocopied for the non-commercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement. Requests for permission to reprint articles should be sent to AJL.

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Many of the papers presented at the convention are also available as po

Table of Contents


Title page

Monday, June 23
Session 2
Exploring Yiddish Culture through Stories and Folklore
Esther Hexter

Session 3
Haredi Films from the Israeli Popular Collection at Arizona State University

Rachel Leket-Mor

Tzadik Ka-Tamar Yifrah : Radical Jewish Culture and the Future of Jewish Music
Daniel Scheide

Session 4
Life after Terror: Israeli Experiences
Zieva Konvisser

Tuesday, June 24
Session 6

The Theology, Halakhah, Politics, and Esotericism of the DSS Essene Sect Compared with Normative Rabbinic Practices and that of the Second Temple Sadducees
David Levy

Serving Tradition: Using Jewish Cookbooks and Jewish Websites to Preserve the Multifaceted Jewish Culture
Alice Crosetto and Daniel E. Feinberg

Awards Banquet
Introduction: Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award
Aileen Grossberg, Chairperson

Acceptance Speech, Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award
Margaret Chaiken

Wednesday, June 25
Session 9
The Creation of a Full Text Archive of the Historical Jewish Press
Elhanan Adler