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The Broder singers (Yiddish: di Broder zinger) were the first professional, secular Yiddish performers, bringing Yiddish songs and short dramas into wine cellars, restaurants, and inns in Galicia, Romania and Russia, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century and later overlapping with the early Yiddish theater. The Broder repertoire was both serious and comic, influenced by Chasidism on one hand and haskole (enlightenment) on the other. This lecture explores the personalities behind this legendary movement, their performance styles, and the (often murky) provenance and content of their repertoire.

Presented by Amanda Seigel at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.

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Ms. Berger describes a project to digitize the Yeshiva University Archives' cantorial manuscripts colleciton, which includes compositions by well-known cantors such as Zeidel Rovner, as well as working notebooks used by cantors in their positions in synagogues.

Presented by Shulamith Berger at the 2012 AJL Conference in Pasadena, CA.

30 min 26 sec

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From the beginnings of intensive study of Jewish music over 100 years ago by A.Z. Idelsohn, approaches have changed significantly. Idelsohn provided the first comparative study of Jewish music comparing various traditions in Europe, the Middle East, to Yemen and beyond. His goal was to explain and define the essence of “Jewish music.” As the field of ethnomusicology developed, scholars asked different questions looking more at the complexities of single traditions with less emphasis on larger comparative approaches. This presentation shows how the developments of the field of ethnomusicology, a discipline to look at the connection of music and culture, during the 20th century has impacted studies of Jewish music and offer examples of various approaches. Kligman also shares his research of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn with audio and visual material to demonstrate a particular connection of Jewish culture with Arab music.

Mark Kligman, PhD, is Professor of Jewish Musicology at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York.

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40 min 20 sec

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Cellist Joachim Stutschewsky (1891-1982) is perhaps best remembered as a founding member of the Viennese String Quartet, the ensemble that premiered important works by Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg. Stutschewsky was also at the forefront of contemporary Jewish art music. He left behind a rich compositional legacy that has yet to have been explored. His compositions, articles, books, and concert activity represent forms of musical expression that for him were closely connected with his socio-political ideals. In all these media his works chronicle the life of a conscientious Jewish musician creating music during a time of contending ideologies, two World Wars, and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Racheli Galay-Altman is a cellist and conductor, and Assistant Professor of Cello at VanderCook College of Music.

33 min 20 sec

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The Klezmer Company Orchestra with author Heidi Smith Hyde

Author Heidi Smith Hyde’s picture book, Mendel’s Accordion, was named a 2008 Notable Book by the Association of Jewish Libraries. It tells a story of klezmer music, immigration, and the passing on of tradition from one generation to the next. Ms. Hyde did a live reading of Mendel’s Accordion accompanied by members of the Klezmer Company Orchestra at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida on February 25, 2009. For full information about the event and links to resources on the story, visit klez4kids.blogspot.com.

31 min 30 sec

Daniel Scheide, center, with friends at the AJL Convention in Cleveland

Since the early 1990′s, Jewish music has undergone a burgeoning revival and a drastic transformation. While being grounded in klezmer, hazzanut and other traditional sounds, today’s Jewish music is being informed by free jazz, avant-garde composer, hardcore punk, and a wide variety of other outside influences. At the forefront of this movement are recent MacArthur Genius grant winner John Zorn and his record label, Tzadik. This talk is a brief introduction and overview of one of the most exciting developments in modern Jewish culture.

Daniel Scheide is a cataloger for Florida Atlantic University. He writes a column about Jewish music for AJL Newsletter and also serves as the newsletter’s co-editor for adult book reviews. He gave this presentation at the Association of Jewish Libraries annual convention on June 23, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.

20 min 56 sec

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