Elected Officer Positions



Provides vision and leadership for AJL. Oversees the development of standards and practices for the Association and for Judaic librarianship, working with related professional organizations when necessary. Leads and oversees strategic planning for AJL. Convenes meetings of the executive board and council. Designs the AJL Organizational Chart and establishes the reporting hierarchy.

Prepares agenda for and presides at the annual meetings of Board and Council, and at Midwinter meetings, if held, or the midwinter conference call. Appoints all AJL standing and ad hoc committee chairpersons. Communicates regularly via postings on the AJL Board & Council listservs and in the AJL News, including the President’s column in the quarterly Newsletter. Reviews and signs contracts and legal documents on behalf of the Association.

Represents, promotes, and is spokesperson for the association to the media, educational associations, constituent institutions, professional organizations, and other occasions as they arise. [updated 2017]


Assists the president in representing the interests of the association to the wider library and research community, and with internal communications to membership. Assumes responsibility for leading the organization if the president is unable to perform his/her duties. Oversees committees as determined by agreement with the President. Automatically becomes President at the end of Vice Presidential term. Reports on activities twice yearly to AJL Board and Council. Attends Board and Council meetings in person at annual June conference and in person or by conference call in January. [updated 2017]


The secretary records minutes at Board, Council, and general membership meetings and prepares the minutes for distribution. Sends minutes of the general membership meeting to the AJL News editor for publication in the May/June issue of AJL News. Responds to email and voice mail inquiries or forwards inquiries to others within AJL leadership. Updates AJL’s stationery template as needed. Sends letters of acknowledgement to donors and sends tribute cards to those honored or memorialized by the donors. Reports to the Board and Council at the annual and midwinter phone conference (year 1) or in-person conference (year 2). [updated 2017]

Vice-President for Membership

The VP for Membership is responsible for overseeing membership registration, expiration, and renewal. Maintains and updates membership database, sends renewal reminders, assists members with lost passwords and other inquiries. Reports on membership numbers twice yearly to AJL Board and Council. Attends Board and Council meetings in person at annual June conference and by conference call in January.

Vice-President for Development

Coordinates research, planning and implementation for fund raising, both short and long term. Develops and maintains relations with current and potential donors. Advises and assists local conference committees in raising short term funds for conference and stipend expenses. Makes recommendations to the Council and President about fund raising strategies and goals.  Attends Board and Council meetings in person at annual June conference and by conference call in January.


The AJL treasurer manages the financial dealings of the Association and advises the leadership and membership on all topics related to the finances of the organization.The treasurer maintains print and computer files that detail the various tasks she/he performs and also records of all transactions performed by the treasurer. Print records are generally held for 5 years.

Major areas of responsibility:

  1. Manage the AJL bank accounts and pay invoices. Using financial software, keep track of all transactions according to the AJL budget categories (as of 2016, the program used is QuickBooks).
  2. Prepare and Maintain the AJL Budget
  3. Engage and work with a Certified Accountant 
  4. Maintain and Update Tax Documents
  5. Manage AJL’s Merchant Account and PayPal Account
  6. Insurance
  7. Annual Conference (present treasurer’s report to the Board; record changes and revise budget as voted on. Report on budget for the next fiscal year to Council and the general membership at the annual membership meeting. Answer questions.)
  8. Midwinter Conference (in person, year 1; by phone, year 2). Present treasurer’s report to Board; record amendments to the budget as voted on; answer questions.

[updated 2017]

Past President

Maintains contact with other organizations as appropriate. Oversees committees or assists with projects, as designated by the President. [updated 2017]

Division Presidents (RAS and SSCPL)

Divisional Presidents oversee committees within their divisions, delegating some oversight to the divisional Vice President (board position) and Secretary (not a board position). Each divisional President appoints committee chairs and liaisons and acts as ex-officio member of all committees. Assists conference committee in planning sessions relevant to division. Creates agenda for and runs annual divisional meeting at conference, solicits reports from all divisional committee chairs and liaisons. Reports on divisional activities twice yearly to AJL Board and Council. Attends Board and Council meetings in person at annual June conference and by conference call in January.


•             Guides the RAS VP in chairing the Judaica Reference and Bibliography Awards Committee.

•             Appoints ALA liaison, ATLA liaison, International liaison, RAS Cataloging Committee Chair, and Judaica Librarianship Committee Chair.

•             Sends proposal to World Congress of Jewish Studies for 1-2 panels every four years.

•             Solicits travel support from the Rothschild Foundation for RAS members coming to convention from overseas or outside of the continental U.S. Prompts RAS members who received travel support from the Rothschild Foundation to send thank-you letters to the Littauer Foundation.


•             Leads Groner-Wikler Scholarship committee in selecting awardee.

•             Oversees Accreditation Committee, Bibliography Bank, Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee, and Sydney Taylor Manuscript Committee.

Division Vice Presidents

This is a Board position, reporting to the Division President. Represents division in the absence of division president. Works with division president to initiate new programs and services for division members. Works with Publications Chair to develop materials relevant to division members. Assists division president with finding members to lead committees. Attends Board and Council meetings in person at annual June conference and either in person (year 1) or by conference call (year 2) in January. [updated 2017]


•             RAS VP chairs the Judaica Reference and Bibliography Awards Committee.