LMR ~ Bibliographic Instruction

Lerner, Heidi. Teaching Electronic Resources for Research in Jewish Studies: A Workshop for Use in the Academic Library - paper presented at the 2001 AJL Conference, La Jolla, CA

LibGuides Community Site at SpringShare yields many results for a search on Jewish Studies.

The following Libguides have been contributed by AJL members: 
Institution Subject URL Contributor
HUC Judaic http://huc.edu/research/libraries/guides Sheryl Stahl
GWU Holocaust http://libguides.gwu.edu/holocaust Shmuel Ben-Gad
GWU Judaic http://libguides.gwu.edu/judaic Shmuel Ben-Gad
Touro Judaic http://libguides.tourolib.org/profile.php?uid=87838 David Levy
UCSC Judaic; see links to specific subject libguides http://guides.library.ucsc.edu/jewishstudies Lee Jaffe
USC Shoah Foundation Visual History http://libguides.usc.edu/content.php?pid=58585 EmilyBergman
YU Judaic http://libguides.yu.edu/content.php?pid=195144 Moshe Schapiro
YU Ancient Jewish History http://libguides.yu.edu/content.php?pid=224455 Zvi Erenyi
YU Jewish Travel Narratives http://libguides.yu.edu/content.php?pid=429645&sid=3514159 Shulamis Hes, Chaviva Levin