LMR ~ Collection Development for SSCPL Libraries - Juvenile

Collection Development for SSC Libraries - Juvenile

The Jewish ValuesFinder online at the AJL website is an excellent selection guide to Jewish juvenile literature. You can also find the 2008 edition in print: The Jewish Values Finder by Linda Silver, published by Neal Schuman and The Association of Jewish Libraries.

The AJL Bibliography Bank has a large collection of bibliographies on a wide variety of topics.

AJL's Notable Children's Books of Jewish Content. New York: AJL, 2001. (60 p.) Annotated lists of recommended books for 1985-2000, prepared by the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee. $10. For purchase, please contact the AJL Publications chair at[email protected].
The Sydney Taylor Book Awards Committee has tagged its books for younger readers and its books for teen readers.

Jewish Classics for Kids by Linda Silver, published by AJL in 2006.

Best Jewish Books for Children and Teens: A JPS Guide by Linda Silver. (JPS, 2010)
Linda Silver has also contributed a list entitled Background Reading in Historical Children's Literature to help determine which materials should be weeded and which books kept, based on their historic value.
Silver, Linda. Developing a Children's Collection. Presented at the 2003 AJL Convention.
Ibid. Librarian's Guide for the Perplexed: Developing a Children's Collection. Presented at the 2005 AJL Convention.

Levine, Janice Resnick: Children's Hebrew Books, Videos and Websites -Where do I find them and what's new out there?- presented at the 2005 AJL Convention.
Levine, Janice Resnick: Children's Hebrew Books: What's Available, Where to Find Them, and How to Catalog Them --presented at the 2001 AJL Convention.

Banks, Cheryl. Best Holocaust Videos for Children Presented at the 2001 AJL Convention.

Estrin, Heidi. Is the Rainbow Fish Jewish? Secular Picture Books that Reinforce Jewish Concepts and Values --presented at the 2002 AJL Convention.
Judaic Software Database This database, created by the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago, can be searched by platform, distributor, title, and subject.