LMR ~ Policies for SSCPL Libraries

Policies for SSC Libraries

Every library should have the following policies in writing, signed by the Principal or Chairman of the Board:
  • a mission statement to explain the fundamental purpose of the library and whom it serves
  • a collection development policy to determine what types of materials shall be collected. It should include a gift policy, a weeding or de-selection policy, and a procedure for handling challenges to library materials.
  • a circulation policy to spell out the answers these questions: Who may borrow materials? What is the loan period? Are overdue fines charged? What is the policy regarding lost or not returned items?

Here are some samples contributed by several AJL member institutions :
Sample mission statements
Sample collection development policies
Sample circulation policies

The web site Resources for School Librarians has many samples of school library policies.

Judy Petersen, Library Director of Congregation Har Shalom in Fort Collins, CO conducted a dialogue on Hasafran in 2012 about the relationship between librarians and their synagogues. Her summary of the correspondence is posted here.