LMR ~ Programming for SSCPL Libraries - Adult

Programming for SSC Libraries - Adult

Book Club suggestions from the Jewish Book Council

Stabler, Elizabeth F.: Starting & Running Book Discussion Groups: Reading Groups and Reading Selections, Including What Constitutes a "Jewish Book" --presented at the 2001 AJL Convention.

Kamin, Rachel Erlich. Putting On A Book Fair -- presented at the 2002 AJL Convention.

Stabler, Elizabeth: A Peek into Programming - Presented at AJL Spring Conference 2014

Ratzabi, Arlene. The ICCJ Book Cafe Synagogue Book Club Brochure. Here's a great example of adult programming! And here's a flyer from the same synagogue for one of the events listed.

Golboro, Nina. Blind Date with a Book is a Summer Reading Program for Adults. Nina also provided a list of her Files with Tags used in the program.