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Standards for SSC Libraries

Becoming an AJL Accredited Library

When organizing a Jewish library, you want to be sure you meet the high standards set up by the Association of Jewish Libraries. The Synagogue, Schooland Center Division (SSC) of AJL has established specific guidelines formeeting these standards and offers a certificate of accreditation to libraries that qualify. Receiving accreditation also means that you, the librarian, are qualified and able to manage anup-to-date collection and that you know the community which you serve. Other reasons for receiving accreditation are:
  • Accreditation elevates the library in the eyes of the synagogue board members and congregation
  • Accreditation adds credibility to the fact that we maintain a professional library, and thus adds value to the institution as a whole
  • Working on the accreditation process allowed us to evaluate our policies and procedures and to review how well we run the library and meet the needs of our patrons
  • Being awarded accreditation is an effective tool for publicizing our library and its activities.

Accreditation is offered at the basic and advanced level. An Accreditation Committee evaluates applications and assists applicants in achieving accreditation.
To become accredited, the librarian or the library/media center must be a member of AJL
See the Accreditation Page on the AJL website for applications and further information.

Accreditation: Blueprint for Your Library's Future by the AJL Accreditation Committee -- presented at the 2001 AJL Convention. Contents of this presentation: