Love Your Neighbor

Love Your Neighbor

Initiated in response to the horrific act of domestic terrorism at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA in October 2018, and in continuing response to rising antisemitism in the United States, the Association of Jewish Libraries offers this series of book lists for young readers. The Jewish books recommended on these lists are meant to be shared with ALL readers, including non-Jewish children and teens. Books read in youth impact future outlooks, and it is our hope that meeting Jews on the page will inspire friendship when readers meet Jews in real life.  You can read an article about the project in Tablet Magazine here.

The series includes the following booklists. 

Love Your Neighbor List #1: Standing Up for Each Other

Love Your Neighbor List #2: Synagogues, Clergy & Jewish Ritual

Love Your Neighbor List #3: The American Jewish Experience

Love Your Neighbor List #4: Let's Be Friends

Love Your Neighbor List #5: Orthodox Jews

Love Your Neighbor List #6: Passover

Love Your Neighbor List #7: The Black Jewish Experience