Member Resources

AJL works to benefit our individual members as well as our member organizations.

Benefits for individuals:

  • Discounts on our yearly conference
  • Eligibility to apply for conference subsidies through our Conference Stipends and Littauer Grants (see links on left)
  • Opportunity to be mentored, or to be a mentor (see links on left)
  • Professional development and support through conference proceedings, podcasts, and our library wiki,
  • Subscriptions to the AJL News, AJL Reviews, and Judaica Librarianship
  • Access to the Weine Classification Scheme and Relative Index, a Dewey-based classification system for Jewish libraries
  • Networking opportunities through our annual conferences, regional programs, haSafran, and the members directory


Benefits for libraries and organizations:

  • Increased visibility and credibility through accreditation
  • Subscriptions to the AJL News, AJL Reviews, and Judaica Librarianship
  • Support for several of the online library programs and cataloging and classification systems.
  • Bibliographies for classes and book club lists


Get involved:

  • Join a committee. Contact the RAS or SSC chairs to get more committee information
  • Join a local chapter. Contact our Chapters chairperson.
  • Preserve our history! Send committee, chapter, and program information to our Archive
  • Are you working on an online project? Join our Digital Humanities group.
  • Join the conversation! While lurkers are welcome on haSafran, don't be shy about asking or responding to questions.