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The Association of Jewish Libraries, the leading authority on Judaic librarianship, represents an international membership and fosters access to information and research in all forms of media relating to all things Jewish.

The Board and Council of AJL is distressed by the current rise in occurrences of antisemitism generated by the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas.  Assaulting individuals and institutions who are, or appear to be, Jewish to castigate them for Israel’s decisions is inappropriate, untenable, and the very definition of antisemitism. 

As an international organization of librarians, archivists, researchers, writers, teachers, and lovers of literature, AJL seeks to educate the public and provide resources to fight the scourge of ignorance and hate. Toward that end, AJL provides the Love Your Neighbor series of youth booklists. These recommended titles demystify the Jewish experience for readers, with the aim of helping them grow in understanding, tolerance, and empathy. We call upon educators and librarians of all backgrounds to share this resource with their communities, to spread knowledge to fight hate, and to reach out to AJL at for more ways to learn about and support your Jewish neighbors.

AJL urges leaders and organizations around the world to denounce these acts of violence, hate, and intimidation against Jewish individuals and work together to promote civility among all people.

Use the Association of Jewish Libraries’ solidarity logo displayed here on your social media to show that you are an ally, and to encourage people to read Jewish books to learn about the Jewish community.

For more information about The Association of Jewish Libraries – The Leading Authority on Judaic Librarianship, please visit our website at