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The 2015 #Readukkah Challenge

AJL kicks off its first reading challenge with #Readukkah during Hanukkah, December 6-14, 2015.

It's easy! Anyone can participate, including kids. All you have to do is:

  • Read one Jewish book
  • Review it online (include hashtag #Readukkah)
  • During Hanukkah, December 6-14, 2015

You pick the book - any reading level, fiction or nonfiction, Jewish in any way you choose to define it. 

Review your book anywhere online: on a blog, GoodReads, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, or even on AJL's listserv, Hasafran.  

Use the hashtag #Readukkah somewhere in your review to help readers find you!

By sharing your #Readukkah reviews of Jewish books, you will help spread the word about worthwhile titles, bringing them to the attention of more readers, increasing the market and supporting the publishing of Jewish books!

Make it easy for us to see your review by sharing it on the AJL blog!


Sign up to participate in #Readukkah! 

Got questions about #Readukkah? E-mail Heidi at heidi[at]cbiboca[dot]org. 

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