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Link Roundup

We skipped our weekly link roundup last week because we had the Jewish Book Carnival but we're back today with some great things to share.

Why the Next Big Pop Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might be Libraries, from NPR.org.

ALA Virtual Conference: Top 10 Trends in Academic Librarianship, from Blogomancy.

Rabbi Harvey Interviews Gary Shteyngart, at Jbooks.com.

The New Era of Israeli Literature, from Jewcy.com.

Jamie Keiles: Teens Writing About Teens, from the Jewish Womens' Archive.

Legal Research Guide: Israel, from the Library of Congress.

Special Treasures from the JTS Library.

PLA offers free library advocacy training, from ALA.

Harvey Pekar Dies, from Tablet.org.

Art for Peace: A Poet's Voyage to Israel, from TCJewfolk.com.

Oldest Written Document Ever Found in Jerusalem, from PhysOrg.com.

I am actively seeking new blogs to add to the feedreader. If you know of an interesting, well-written blog that's updated regularly focusing on librarianship and/or Jewish books and publishing, please email me at mcloutier at jewishlibraries.org. In particular I'm looking for blogs on academic librarianship.

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