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AJL Seeks Editor-in-Chief

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: AJL News and AJL Reviews Editor-in-chief (last update April 30, 2019)

This position has been filled.

Reports to Chair for Publications.


The AJL Newsletter was published in print until December 2010. As of January 2011, that publication was split into two separate electronic publications (in PDF format) – AJL News and AJL Reviews. All correspondence and production of the News and Reviews sections are done electronically. The News and Reviews staff consists of adult literature co-editors (2), children and teen literature co-editors (2), advertising manager, layout editor, and the editor-in-chief.


  • Oversees the creation and completion of News and Reviews
  • Maintains News and Reviews budget, keeping track of mailing expenses, as well as reimbursements to the News and Reviews staff for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Upon consultation with co-editors, keeps current the policies and guidelines for reviewers and publishers
  • Updates and keeps current News and Reviews webpage on the AJL website
  • Secure reviewers’ permissions for AJL to distribute their published reviews to other sources
  • Receives contributions to News and edits the text for grammar, style, and space
  • Sends all edited contributions to the layout editor
  • Posts completed files on the AJL website through StarChapter
  • Sends an announcement to members, as well as to ha-Safran, with the appropriate link
  • Makes sure that the ‘archive’ and ‘current’ areas on the News & Reviews sections are modified appropriately
  • Sends the appropriate content to CLCD (Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database).


  • Recruit reviewers and assign books for review
  • Distribute review copies and guidelines to reviewers by mail
  • Receives contributions to Reviews and edits the text for grammar, style, and space
  • Edit reviews and prepare manuscript for publication
  • Correspond as needed with publishers to request review copies
  • Correspond as needed with reviewers and authors
  • Maintain a database of titles and reviewers, as well as files of other necessary records
  • Send printed reviews to publishers
  • Work closely with editor-in-chief
  • Co-editors must have an extensive knowledge of the literature reviewed in the section they edit, excellent command of written and spoken English; knowledge of written English style; familiarity with the conventions of editing and proofreading; ability to use word processing, database management, and e-mail programs; ability to meet deadlines; and good interpersonal skills.

Advertising manager:

  • Maintains a current database of Judaica publishers, solicits ads from them, and sends the ‘camera-ready’ digital files to the layout editor, and payment to the treasurer.

Layout editor:

  • Works on the layout of the two documents (News and Reviews) on dedicated software (currently In-Design by Adobe)
  • Produces the two PDF documents. All images appear in color (if available)
  • Makes sure that some of the content is linked appropriately (i.e. email addresses, URLs)
  • Sends the final versions to the editor-in-chief for approval.


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