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Staying Connected: AJL's Digital Conference 2020

AJL Digital Conference 2020

We are excited to share great news about our annual conference!  Please mark your calendars for Sunday, June 28 through Thursday, July 2, 2020 to attend Staying Connected: AJL’s Digital Conference 2020.  

Of course, we do not expect you to sit in front of your computers for 5 days straight! The conference will offer approximately 4 hours of programming each day - the  opportunity to hear from outstanding scholars and award-winning authors, as well as witness our leadership transition,  receive updates from our divisions, pay tribute to  our Fanny Goldstein Awardee and honor all of our book award winners.  In addition, there will be optional evening activities and “open rooms” for everyone to see and chat with each other. 

The conference app we will be using is called "Socio."  Socio is easy to use, and you may have already used it, or something like it, at other conferences and events. We will be providing instructions on how to set up your Socio account and how to view all the conference information using either your smart phone (after downloading the app) or your computer.  Socio will replace the program book that we provided in the past. It will be loaded with all the information you will need to attend the virtual conference.

Additional information about our conference – sessions, times, speakers, etc. – can be found on the AJL website at https://jewishlibraries.org/meetinginfo.php.  The registration fee for members is $36. We welcome non-members to register for $136 but encourage them to join AJL to benefit from the member rate. 

And did we mention the swag? Visit https://www.zazzle.com/store/jewishlibraries/products, our store on Zazzle to purchase your conference T-Shirt, pens, notebooks and more! 

Until we “meet” in June, stay safe, stay connected, and we will see you soon at AJL’s Digital Conference 2020!

Dina Herbert, AJL President & Kathy Bloomfield, AJL President-Elect

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