AJL Archives

The records of the Association of Jewish Libraries are open to all users and available in the reading room of the American Jewish Archives at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

Guidelines for Saving AJL Records

AJL officers can help preserve the history of AJL, and facilitate the work of future AJL officers by turning over AJL files at the to the AJL archivist at regular intervals. Guidelines for archiving AJL documents are provided below. Contact the AJL archivist, Joy Kingsolver, for further information.

1. What is important?
Items which document the history of AJL; which show policy debates and decisions made; which show relationships between AJL and other organizations; all records of official actions such as charters, rules, resolutions; membership lists.

2. What should I send?
DO SEND: correspondence (letters, email), reports, publications, press releases, records of award decisions, mss. submitted for consideration for these awards, the annual directory, convention records and samples of any memorabilia such as T-shirts, 1 set of convention tapes, and other material that seems appropriate. Disks are OK, but should be accompanied by a printout.
DO NOT SEND: receipts, material needed for taxes.

3. Should I separate the papers by topics (contact with members, with jobbers, with treasurer, directory, etc.)?
If you maintained the material in some kind of order during your term of office, keep it in this order when you send it to the archivist, as it facilitates identification of the documents. If not, the material can be organized by type: correspondence (you may wish to subdivide it under this heading); reports; other documents.

4. Once the papers are separated, should I put them in manila folders or in envelopes?
Folders are probably easier to deal with, and less bulky, but envelopes are OK.

5. What kind of labeling do you want? Labels or just writing on the envelopes?
Write on the folders in pencil. If the folders are already labeled, leave the labels as they are.

6. How should I package everything? Should I leave certain things open so someone can look at what I am sending?
The archivist will examine everything before it is sent on to the archives. The material should be packaged securely so that papers will not shuffle around inside the box.

7. To whom should I send it?
Send it to:

Joy Kingsolver
102 W. Chester Drive
Ellettsville, IN  47429

Please alert her by email before sending materials: [email protected]