Life Membership Award

With the advice of the AJL Board and Council, the Life Membership and Fanny Goldstein Award Committee selects AJL members to be honored at the national convention.

Life Membership is granted in recognition of outstanding leadership and professional contributions to the Association and to the profession of Jewish librarianship.


Year Name
2014 Heidi Lerner
2013 Joan Biella
2012 Elhanan Adler
2011 Pearl Berger
2010 Laurel Wolfson
2009 No award given
2008 Merrily F. Hart
2007 Phillip E. Miller
2006 No award given
2005 Toby Rossner
2004 Zachary Baker
2003 Edith Lubetski
2002 Marcia Posner
2001 Esther Nussbaum
2000 Rita Frischer
1999 Irene Levin-Wixman
1998 Leonard Gold
1994 Hazel Karp, Barbara Y. Leff
1993 Edith Degani
1992 Margot Berman
1990 Herb Zafren
1989 Mae Weine, Miriam Leikind, Theodore Weiner