Accreditation is awarded to member libraries in the SSC Division that meet the high standards set by AJL. Basic and Advanced certificates of Accreditation are available, and Accreditation may be renewed once obtained.  [link to Accred info, see text below]

Fanny Goldstein Merit Award The Fanny Goldstein Merit Award, named for the librarian, social activist and founder of National Jewish Book Month, is bestowed in recognition of loyal and ongoing contributions to the Association and to the profession of Jewish librarianship. 


Judy R. Cohn Conference Stipends
Named for long-time AJL member and Southern California Chapter President (2006-2012), the Judy R. Cohn Conference Stipend Fund assists AJL members with the expense of attending AJL’s annual conferences. Stipends are based on financial need, weighted toward applicants with involvement in AJL. Fill out this application form.

Applicant must be a current member of AJL at the time of application
Application must be received by March 29, 2018.
Applicants will be notified about stipend amounts by April 23, 2018
Acceptance and full conference registration are required by April 27, 2018 

EBSCO Scholarship for AJL Conference Attendance
EBSCO provides funding annually to subsidize conference expenses for first time attendees and current students or recent (within two years) graduates of programs related to the work of AJL (library and information science, Judaic or Hebrew studies, etc). Scholarship is based on financial need. Current membership and full conference registration are required. Please apply by filling out this application form.

Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe
Funds have been made available by the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe to support conference attendance by European Judaica librarians.  Applicants are expected to participate actively in the conference (e.g., presenting, planning programs), and will be asked to report on their conference activities. Applicants seeking support should indicate their eligibility on the stipends application form.

Groner-Wikler Scholarship for AJL Conference Attendance
The Groner-Wikler Scholarship, funded by Kar-Ben Publishing in honor of founders Judye Groner and Madeline Wikler, awards a scholarship for AJL conference attendance to an AJL member who demonstrates dedication to Jewish children's literature and library services. Current membership and full conference registration are required.