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Endowment Fund

Support Judaic Librarianship Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future

Make a transformational gift that will benefit Jewish librarians and libraries now and in the future.

As a sure sign of the long-term success of our organization, the Association of Jewish Libraries has established an endowment fund, fulfilling a longstanding dream of many of us. The AJL Endowment Fund allows people to bolster Judaic librarianship today, tomorrow, and well into the future. 

The AJL Endowment Fund is a safe, secure, permanent fund that will benefit current and future generations equally. It is our goal that the AJL Endowment Fund, with Merrill Lynch as our advisor, will disperse 5% each year to fund AJL’s efforts and activities—including our many book awards, scholarships for library students, and conference support for our members—basing the funds available for distribution on the income derived from the interest and dividends on the principal. This means that gifts given today will benefit Judaic librarianship now and long into the future.

We are an international, professional organization that fosters access to information and research in all forms of media relating to all things Jewish. We promote Jewish literacy and scholarship and provide a community for peer support and professional development.  We offer the following:

  • Annual conference
  • Frequent virtual roundtables
  • Online AJL author showcases
  • Open-Access Judaica Librarianship
  • Quarterly AJL News and Reviews
  • Awards for excellence in Jewish academic scholarship and children’s and adult literature
  • Access to Hasafran listserv
  • Scholarship programs for library school students
  • A website to keep you updated on AJL’s latest activities and initiatives
  • Advocacy efforts for our members and their organizations.
  • Accreditation of our member libraries
  • Partnerships with affiliated organizations – ALA, AJS, ATLA, CATLA, and others

    You Can Make a Difference in Several Ways
  • Outright Gifts: Cash and Stock
    This offers the ability to transfer to AJL with tax benefits.

  • Deferred Gifts (Planned-Giving): Bequests
    Please remember to include AJL in your will, trust or estate plan.
  • Life Insurance Policy
    Make AJL the beneficiary of an existing a life insurance policy and enjoy the tax benefits or establish a new life insurance policy with AJL as the beneficiary.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust
    Either of these options could reduce your tax liability and ultimately benefit AJL.

Please contact Jerry Krautman, Development Consultant, at 310-738-2192, or via email at to discuss our AJL Endowment Fund further.

We recommend consulting your legal and financial advisors when considering these giving options.