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Mapping AJL

Mapping AJL

Welcome to the Association of Jewish Libraries’ (AJL) Jewish Collection Directory! On this interactive map, you will find details about both well-known and lesser-known Judaica collections around the world.

To see collection categories, click on the toggle button on the top left portion of the map, the full-screen button on the top right, or use our hint-sheet. The collection categories are arranged as follows:

  • Black square – national libraries
  • Orange check mark – public libraries
  • Gold lightning – community center libraries
  • Green  diamond – pre-kindergarten and K-12 schools
  • Blue cone – research and academic libraries
  • Purple star – synagogues and religious institutions
  • Red  open book – archives and museums
  • Yellow circle – digital libraries

Add your library or collection to our directory by filling out our survey. Jewish libraries and collections of all sizes are welcome. For questions or comments about this map, drop us a line at

Please note: inclusion in this directory does not imply AJL’s support of the ideology of the holding institution, nor does it imply that the institution has been formally accredited by AJL.