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Library Management Resources Test

Library Management Resources

General Resources

OCLC Web Junction –

The Jewish Guide to the Internet –

Collection Maintenance

Care, Handling and Storage of Books – Library of Congress:

Caring for Books and Paper – ALA:

Northeast Document Conservation Center – FAQs:

First Aid for Books – Poster Session at 2001 AJL Conference:

Book & Document Preservation Brochure from Jefferson County Public Library – presented at 2002 AJL Conference:

Book Care and Storage – Preservation Equipment Ltd. (UK):

Archival Storage of Old Photographs:

Archival Methods Blog:

Caring for Books – Webinar:

HURRICANES, EARTHQUAKES AND FLOODS, OH MY: Protecting Library and Archive Collections by Making a Preparedness and Response Plan– Presentation by Jackie Ben-Efraim at the 2013 AJL Conference:

Supplies and Tools for Library Disaster Response – Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois:

Emergency Management – Library of Congress:

Disaster Preparedness – AASL:

Disaster Plan Template – Amigos Library Services:

Disasters, Damage, Insects and Mold:

Weeding – from Managing and Analyzing Your Collection: A Practical Guide for Small Libraries and School Media Centers by Carol A. Doll and Pamela Petrick Barron. ©2002 by the American Library Association. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for nonprofit, educational purposes:

Collection Maintenance and Weeding – ALA:

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries – Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Weeding Guidelines – NYC School Library System:

Strategies for Weeding the Small Library Collection – Presentation by Susan Freiband at the 2016 AJL Conference:


Electronic Books

Ebooks and Kindles – a simple introduction:

E-books versus Print Books: What’s the Difference?:

COVID-19 Recovery

Management and Personnel

Library Policy Development – ALA:

Library Media Center Management:

Sample Library Policies:

Guide to Developing Library Policies and Procedure:

Top Ten Library Policies: Top 10 Library Policies Every Small Community Library Should Have.pdf

Public Relations

Marketing Your School Library:

Promoting School Library Resources:

Programming Librarian:

Library Promotion Practices: file:///C:/Users/mrsfr/Downloads/Library_Promotion_Practices_and_Marketing_of_Libra.pdf

Basic Promotion Guide – ALA:

Library Promotion:

Marketing the Library in a Digital World:

Mastering Marketing/Library Promotion:

Information Sources

People of the Books AJL’s official blog, maintained by Heidi Estrin

The Book of Lifepodcast — supported in part by AJL

AJL’s Sydney Taylor Book Award blog

AJL Chapter Blogs

AJL NYMA, the New York Metropolitan Chapter, whose site contains recordings of many of the presentations made at their fall and spring conferences —


Sunshine State Safranim–

Southern California Chapter–

University blogs

Mekorot–Blog of the Librarians of the Jewish Theological Seminary features “reviews and discussion of new and classic sources in Jewish Studies, bibliographical notes, and edifying tidbits.” –

The Jewish Theological Seminary Library also has a site called Takeawaywhere they share questions submitted to the reference staff and the answers they’ve provided –

Yeshiva University Librariesmaintains a blog. –

Hebrew-language blogs:
Judaica Librarians’ Group in Israel

University of Haifa–Iris Igra

Blogs about Jewish Books

AJL member Daniel D. Stuhlman maintains a blog called Kol Safran

Steve Bergson on Jewish comics —

Jewish Books for Kids with Barbara Bietz features interviews with authors who write Jewish books for children., the Society for the Preservation of Hebrew Books, that scans Torah sefarim —

The Jewish Book Council’s blog, exploring the world of Jewish literature, the Prosen People –

Paper Brigade Daily –

Jewish Book Carnival, sponsored by Association of Jewish Libraries, is a monthly roundup of Jewish literary blogs. – THIS LINKS TO THE HOME PAGE WITH THE INFORMATION – BLOG ROTATES EVERY MONTH

Information Wants to Be Free –