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This workshop, a collaboration between ALA Publishing and the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), addresses the needs of non-specialist librarians who wish to build or enhance their library’s Judaica holdings. The session includes an overview of the different types of Judaica libraries and collections (who collects what and why), as well as an overview of notable vendors of Judaic resources and bibliographic resources.

This will be followed by step-by-step guidance on collection building, which will take into account traditional collection development techniques, such as environmental scanning, patron needs assessments, and institutional mission alignment, together with other considerations such as library funding. The workshop will also cover just-in-time purchasing for access to core resources versus just-in-case purchasing designed to augment, preserve, and provide access to limited resources.

  • Learning Outcomes
    Learn about the different types of Judaica libraries and collections
  • Gain an overview of notable vendors of Judaic resources and bibliographic resources
  • Receive guidance on collection building, including traditional collection development techniques
  • Understand the benefits of just-in-time purchasing versus just-in-case purchasing

Who Should Attend
Non-specialist librarians involved in collection development, or any other library staff, who are interested in building or enhancing a collection of Judaica materials will find this workshop highly relevant.

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This webinar is intended for people who know how to catalog, but who either may not be familiar with Jewish texts or who do not know how to catalog them.

In this session we will cover anonymous sacred works (such as the Bible, Talmud, and liturgy) and discuss constructing the appropriate uniform titles, picking other access points and subject headings, and the Library of Congress classification numbers. We will go over similar points for sacred texts with authors such as the legal codes, and Biblical commentaries.

I will also share my favorite tools for Judaica cataloging.

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This session will cover many aspects of Judaica cataloging including: major time periods of Jewish and Israeli history (including the Holocaust and Jews living both inside and outside of Israel), the development of the different streams of Judaism, Jewish institutions (synagogues, schools, social service organizations, clergy), and multi-disciplinary topics.

Once again, it will be geared to people with some cataloging background but will not assume any Jewish knowledge. It will focus on cataloging in a MARC environment using RDA and the Library of Congress classification system. The presenter will also share her favorite tools for Judaica cataloging. It will not cover Jewish Sacred texts which was covered in an earlier webinar or Jewish arts (literature, music, art) which will be covered in a future session.

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