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Through the Window

Through the Window logo

The Association of Jewish Libraries and The Book of Life Podcast have partnered to invite diversity book blogs, websites, and podcasts to participate in Through the Window: A Diversity Exchange. This initiative is designed to fight antisemitism and other forms of bias through education and allyship. The project was born in January 2020 from an urge to counteract the hate evidenced by the antisemitic grocery store shooting and Hanukkah party stabbing of December 2019. 

Conversation builds connection. Through the Window participants engage in conversation with AJL about books representing their own culture, and in turn, learn about books that authentically portray the Jewish experience. Each partner shares the exchange on their own website and social media, to help their core audience learn about our common humanity with a look “through the window” at another marginalized culture. 

Benefits of participation:

  • Educate the world about your culture
  • Bust some myths
  • Share your pride
  • Expand your audience
  • Be an ally and gain an ally

Contact to inquire about participating in Through the Window: A Diversity Exchange!